A Budding Writer

I have always tried to hide the fact that I live in my own fantasy world, I have endured my craving for poetry, under the pretense of time. How can i keep all my thoughts locked up, how can I not tell the stories I have made up in my mind.

How can I make people understand that I am not a wierdo but a creative person. I am like a child learning but expecting acceptance from her world.

The writer in me is growing fiercely, about to be born, the world needs to hear my voice and my stories, I am breaking off the shells, to soar high up in the sky until I arrive my destination. I am a budding writerblog picture


I woke up one morning feeling all depressed and sad. I wanted to say something, tell someone what I was thinking and feeling but I couldn’t. I remembered I could always write whatever it is anonymously and get cautioned if necessary. I decided to start this blog, so I could share my experiences, pain, joy and whatever it I want to say to someone. I hope I achieve this goal of mine.